Get to know nailflair… the begining

Blog Post 10 - Get to know the nailflair team

I started nailflair during lock down. My husband is a marketing wizard and now we find ourselves running a successful (thanks to all of you) new business. I love helping you all feel pretty with a new set and providing great products that empower you to look after you. I am a wife and a Mom of three incredible children, I will do anything for my family and they come first. Putting my family first means that I need to take good care of myself too. Self-care is part of nailflair’s ethos. I like to have pretty nails and I am by no means an expert. Our in-house nail technician on the other hand, well she is amazing. Keep your eyes out for our Feature Fridays where we feature some of her work. 

Nailflair strives to empower people from every walk of life, from housewives, Moms, Nail technicians, women who love to do their nails, people who no longer feel safe to go to a salon… everyone, we will empower you with high quality products at affordable prices, packaged and delivered to you in a timeous manner.

In this blog we will endeavor to answer your questions and help you with your nail care.

I am only human and I make mistakes and running a business is HUGE learning curve for me. I am being real; you guys are all amazing clients and you are making us a success. We will continue to provide the best customer service to you all and sourcing the best products at the best prices we can. Please keep sending us your reviews and pictures and spreading the love. 

Your nailflair team