Do I need Primer?

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Do I need primer and what are the benefits?

A primer is perfect for people who struggle with chips or lifting with their gel manicures. It help the products adhere to the natural nail plate, acting as a bonding element for the base coat which is then applied on top of it.

What is the difference between an Acid Primer and a Non-Acid Primer?

Acid-free primer is great for those of you who struggle with any lifting, chipping or peeling with gel manicures. Sometimes, nails hold onto oils and even wiping with cleanser or dehydrating your nail, doesn’t remove all excess natural oils from the nail plate. By using an acid-free primer, the oils are then fully removed which help you achieve long-lasting, chip-free manicures!

Acid primer is best used for anyone who has very problematic nail plates or anyone who may suffer from any hormone problems or is on specific medication, which can affect the nails. It’s a stronger substance that can greatly help in situations like this. We also recommend acid free primer before applying acrylic.

How do you use primer?
Your primer is always applied first. Apply acid-free primer with an almost dry brush to each nail and let it dry for around 40-60 seconds. Acid-free primer won’t fully evaporate, and it’s okay to work on if there appears to be a residue or if it appears wet. If you’re infilling, make sure you only apply a primer to the natural nail plate.

When applying an acid primer, put 1-2 small dots on the nail. It will then spread by its own across the nail plate. With acid primer, make sure it has fully evaporated before continuing with your manicure.

Remember not to get the products on the skin.

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