How to Apply Nail Gel

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So, for those of you who have not watched our tutorial or who prefer to read step by step instructions here you go. Here we will explain how to apply your gel.

Step 1 – Nail Prep

  1. To prepare your nail correctly you need to push back your cuticles with a wooden cuticle stick.
  2. Gently cut off any loose dead skin, be careful and only remove hang nails.
  3. Now file and shape your nail.
  4. Next lightly buff your nail with a buffer block. This is to help the gel adhere to the nail. Do not over file or buff. You do not want to damage the nail.
  5. Now remove any dust and excess oils, by wiping over your nail with Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol, this dehydrates the nail and creates the perfect surface for gel.

Step 2 – Applying the Gel

  1. Once your nails have been prepared it’s time to apply your base coat. Apply a thin layer, being careful not to flood your cuticles or get the gel onto your skin.
  2. If you need to make any corrections use the pointed end of your wooden cuticle stick to neaten edges. (This is relevant to any part of the gel application)
  3. Cure your base coat for 60 seconds
  4. Do not touch the base coat, and if you do it should still be tacky / sticky, the base and colour coats do have a residue. This is to help the next layer adhere.
  5. Now it’s time for colour, apply one thin layer. Again, make sure that you are very neat.
  6. Cure for 60 seconds, please note that the colour gel layers also stay sticky and do not “dry”
  7. Apply a second thin layer of colour, we recommend two.
  8. Cure for 60 seconds
  9. If your gel ripples it has not cured properly, this normally occurs on thumb nails. HELPFUL HINT: Apply and cure your thumb nails separately.
  10. If you plan on adding chroming powders, chameleon flakes, nail art or foils, now is the time to do it.
  11. Apply and cure your top coat for 60 seconds.
    1. The MS Top coat is non wipe and does not leave a residue.
    2. Bling Girl sometimes leaves a slight residue and its best to use a cleanser to wipe over the nail to get the perfect shine.
    3. Matt top coat is non wipe and is shiny when applied and goes matt as it cures in the lamp. It is a stunning alternative finish.
  12. Apply your cuticle oil and sit back and enjoy your new set!

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