Meet the Nailflair Team


nailflair is my business, nailflair essentially started because I myself am a nail biter, “I know right?,” so I needed to keep my nails painted so that I could break the habit of a lifetime. I started with normal nail polish, talk about high maintenance! It chips and peels and lifts, and as soon as there was a flaw in the nails I was right back to biting. I then got gifted a gel manicure. WOW! I had now discovered the way forward but getting my fast growing nails done every 2-3 weeks was not budget friendly or sustainable. This gave way to me trying to figure out what’s what and how to do gel nails myself. Then Covid struck and I was retrenched. From the ashes, Nailflair was born. Being a rule follower, I registered the company and did ALL the paper work, chatted to my friend and Husband and we were all in. We built our website, designed the Self Care Kit which was created off the back of the research I had done for my own nails and its probably our best seller. We were on our way! 1 Year later and thanks to our amazing clients we have and are continuing to grow a successful business.

Initially the team was myself, my husband (George), a friend who had all of the contacts to suppliers, Johan who is all things IT and the amazing and talented Cristine who is our nail tech advisor. The original team has changed a little and now we have Victoria who is an incredible book keeper, and we have recently employed Amy, some of you might have had the pleasure of her phoning you.

Other things you need to know about me, I love my family and my pets. I am obsessed with my Corgi Ollie, and soon he will be getting a new friend, a miniature long haired dachshund, we also have an adorable rescue. I have three amazing children and they are the reason I work so hard. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we are still in our honeymoon phase, he completes me.


I am the Husband, and a the Marketing Director for a company called Academy of Sound Engineering. I help my wife with nailflair and its marketing strategies. We make a great team, all the art work and marketing posts you see she makes herself and then I help with getting it out there. Being a director at quite a large company, assisting to run nailflair, studying and being a Dad to our three children has me spread pretty thin. But working together and working hard will ensure that everything succeeds.

Other things you need to know about me. I am also a performing vocal artist. I am passionate about music and I care deeply about South Africa, our sport, our people and our heritage.


I am nailflair’s bookkeeper. I own and run my own business called Beans Accounting, I am a hard working wife and mom of two. Helping small business with their accounting needs is my passion. I am a sweet, genuine person and Kate always calls me her cheer leader. I love being a part of helping small businesses succeed.


I help nailflair with client consults and product advice and I do the Tips and Tricks on Tuesday’s and nearly all the Feature Friday’s are my work. I am a qualified Nail Technician, Lash technician and Make-up artist and I studied photography. I am always busy and I work full time at a salon. Whenever you guys need a little extra advice though, I am happy to help.

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