Nail Prep and why it’s important

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Everyone wants their gel to last, we take time, pleasure and money making our nails look pretty and that means that the longer our mani’s and pedi’s last the better.

(Side note, as a nail biter if I don’t have gel on my nails then I bite, so I need my mani to last!)

The best way to ensure a long lasting mani is nail prep! (and rubber base, but we discussed that in another blog)

Nail Preparation Steps:

1. File and shape your nails, remember to only file in one direction.

2. Gently Push back cuticles, with a wooden cuticle stick or stainless steel cuticle pusher

3. Trim any non-living tissue with a cuticle nipper or cuticle scissors, be careful and only cut loose, dead, flakes.

4. Remove the shine from the natural nail by gently buffing your nail with a buffer block. Buff following the contour of the nail and moving the file in the direction of nail plate growth. Remove excess dust with Plush Brush.

5. Clean and dehydrate the nail using a lint free wipe saturated with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Press and rub over the natural nail, side walls, and under the free edge to remove oil, moisture, and contaminants. Allow the natural nail to dry and become chalky white.

6. Your nail is now ready for your base coat. Apply and cure your gel according to our gel application tutorial video or our Gel Application blog post.

If you follow these steps it should ensure that your Gel lasts.

Still Struggling – Apply an Acid Free Primer.

We only recommend this is you have had problems with you gel lifting.

2 thoughts on “Nail Prep and why it’s important

  1. Karen says:

    Hi, I’m a newbie, just bought the beginners gel set. How long should you cure under the lamp? Just to confirm: base coat, cure, gel, cure, then top coat, cure and cuticle oil after.

    1. says:

      60s, check out the blog post – How to Apply Gel or the tutorial video on YouTube that we created

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