What is Poly-Gel and Why should i try it

What is Polygel Blog Post

Poly-Gel is actually a brand, the product is a combination of acrylic and gel. Poly-Gel is a nail enhancement best described as a hybrid formula that combines the durability of acrylic nails and the elasticity application of gel nails, Poly-Gel, which is sold in a tube much like toothpaste, is a mixture of acrylic powder and clear or coloured gel, Poly-Gel a has a putty-like consistency and is extremely easy to apply and shape. Especially when using forms or dual forms. It is also an easy way to extend a nail without tips.

Nailflair has created a kit with everything you need to do a Poly-Gel Manicure! (We haven’t included a lamp in the kit as we recommend starting with Gel and moving onto Poly-Gel when you have gotten familiar with doing your own nails.)

Things you have to have for a Poly-Gel Manicure, Poly-Gel, a Lamp, Slip Solution, Dual Forms or Forms (dual forms are nail shaped plastic, in different sizes), a nail file, and a Gel Brush (We have included other items in the kit that make the application easier)

To apply Poly-Gel, first you need to size your dual forms for your nails, they are all numbered like tips and full nails. Squeeze some Poly-Gel into a dual form and use a brush dipped in slip solution to smooth/spread it out a little then press the form onto a prepared nail, apply the form from the cuticle, up the nail, spreading out the Poly-gel. Make sure there aren’t any bubbles. Turn over your hand and smooth out the underside, the extension part of the nail, thinning it out a little, using the gel brush dipped in slip solution. If there is some “over flow” by the cuticle area you also need to clean that up with the brush. Once you are happy, you can apply a clear clip to hold the form in place while you cure/bake the Poly-Gel in a lamp. Once the Poly-Gel is cured, you remove the dual form and file, creating your desired shape and length. Top it off with a top coat, or paint the Poly-gel with your favorite gel colour.

So if you have gotten great at gel, and want to give your nails some extra length and strength, then why not give Poly-Gel a try?

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