Why Gel Polish?

Blog Post 4 - Why Gel!

Nailflair wants you to have the best experience with our products we are constantly looking for awesome suppliers and to provide the best quality that we can. All of our products are tested by us before we sell them to you.

Why Gel Polish?

Gel nail polish is popular because of its long-lasting qualities. We all want our manicures to last, whether it’s because we paid for a nail tech to spoil us or because we invested our time and money in products to be able to do some self-care and do our own manicure/pedicure. Instead of going a week to 10 days without chipping, you can get up to three weeks of useful life from a UV gel manicure. Actually, your gel nails may never chip, crack or peel. They could actually grow out enough to need a touch up without showing any signs of wear. That’s pretty amazing.

How does Gel nail polish work?

“The gel reacts to UV light and then binds to the nail creating a super hard finish.”

The science:

“When the photoinitiator is exposed to the proper UV light wavelength and intensity, it gives off a particle called a free radical. The free radical will initiate a polymerization reaction with the resins in the gel system, therefore creating a hardened gel.”

Can I just add a gel topcoat over regular nail polish and get the same effect as a full gel manicure?

No. According to manicurists, this is scientifically unsound. Here’s why: Regular nail polish isn’t fully dry for 24 hours (it might seem like it is, but deep inside, the solvents in regular nail polish are still drying). So, if you paint clear gel polish over regular polish, all you’re going to do is trap the wet polish, which may lead to a mess.

Why doesn’t my gel last?

A long lasting manicure comes down to nail prep and flawless application. Gel is a learning curve and if you are used to nail polish and are just starting out with Gel, it will take some practice. The ranges of Gel that nailflair sells are well tested by our nail technician who is a very well qualified professional. The final “test” is positive feedback from hundreds of happy nailflair clients. Among our client base we have quite a few nail techs and salons. If your gel is lifting or chipping, you may be missing a step in your prep, or perhaps flooding your cuticle bed, maybe you aren’t capping the free edge?

In rare cases the product and your nails may just not be compatible. There are so many reasons why gel might not last on your nails, hormones, allergies, weak, brittle, over worked nails that need a break. If you think it’s the latter, but you cannot leave your nails “naked” then we suggest rubber base (please see our blog post on rubber base)

So all in all “we love gel,” We enjoy its lasting effects and that we get, and the longevity of the product.

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